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Established in the year 1999, in the city of Lagos Nigeria. We are known for our top quality and first-class service delivery to both local and international market. Over the years, we have evolved from being a one-man business into a household venture, at St.Davids, we make use of the very best material and well-motivated staff to produce world-class products and services at a friendly and affordable price range. Our goal is to bring the outfitting business to the everyday customer with a great emphasis on our name brand products. With new designs being produced on a daily basis, we are focused on fulfilling our customer needs.

We are dedicated to producing quality leather products. Our committed and efficient sales team can supply you with a wide range of well-manufactured leather materials to suit almost every need. Africa’s largest shoe producer, St.David’s offers important benefits. We are able to source and supply the volume, range and quality of leather products you need for your next event.

Continuous improvement and reinvestment in our business are our core priorities. The Company is committed to incorporating innovation and process improvements to advance our products’ quality, manufacturing processes and service excellence.

Our dedication to reinvestment and capitalization of our operations and efficient transportation team means St.David’s can deliver consistent, reliable products to any market at any point in the world.

David is a seasoned leather craftsman and a talented shoe designer with over 20 years of experience in the shoe-making industry.
David is widely traveled and enjoys reading, and watching football and extreme sports.
He is associated with philanthropic organizations.

David Ibe • CEO/ FOUNDER

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